Effective Leaders are Good Listeners

The right people get impressed on how well leaders listen rather than being impressed with how well they speak. Great leaders are great listeners, that’s because they talk less and listen more.

The best leaders have notable characteristics of being strategic, proactive, and intuitive listeners. Leaders recognize that by listening, knowledge and wisdom are not gained by talking.

You’ll find that leaders are very brilliant at reading between the lines. The exceptional ability to understand what is not said, witnessed, or heard are possessed by the best leaders.

Want to become an effective leader?

Better start listening and stop talking. Intelligent leaders know there is far more to be gained by giving in the floor than by controlling it and being a leader should not be considered a license to increase the volume of when giving a command.

Everyone seems to be in such a rush to speak what’s on their mind in this age of instant communication, people fail to realize the value of everything that can be drawn from the minds of others.

Try to identify a leader who doesn’t acknowledge the value of listening to others and surely, that’s one train-wreck in the making. No worker will last with a leader that has permanent earplugs on their ears.

It is unacceptable to be a great leader by not being a great communicator. Do you ever wonder why we don’t encounter great leadership more often? This partly accounts for that.

Leaders tend to fail to understand that the purpose of communication is not to message but to engage. This is one big miss for most leaders, they are required to listen. Don’t be dumbfounded into thinking that being heard is more important than hearing.

In an effective communication, to seek to understand is the first statute before seeking to be understood. Leaders never miss an opportunity to listen. The truth is, leaders are continuously learning and aggressively searching for new and effective ways to listen.

In general, the person asking a few relevant and involving questions and then listening attentively is the smartest person in the room and not the one doing all the talking.

Leadership is about exerting effort. With that, leaders don’t tend to achieve the outcomes they desire, for those who act before they understand.