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Retro oblique fringe: 2013 autumn and winter a few simple steps to create a retro human hair weave trend oblique oblique fringe bangs retro styling from the famous American denim brand Regal Boone (Rag & amp; Bone) to Italian independent designer Mani (Marni), well-known fashion brands from Belgium Dries Van Noten (DriesVanNoten) to emerging fashion brand American Tracy Reese (TracyReese), retro oblique bangs big fall and winter 2013 fashion show floor can be described as popular, prodding. US media on June 6 to show you some easy control and good-looking retro oblique fringe hairstyle. Retro oblique fringe can not only easily manage elegant and dignified, sexy cheap human hair lace front wigs, handsome ably and other styles, and simple operation, you can easily create at home. The most critical step is to comb the side bangs to cover the forehead, you can also do a hairpin or use cheap human hair extensions fixed in the ear. Use mousse can make oblique bangs look stud is clear, make you look valiant. You can also keep it soft and thick texture, distribution of natural luster. Tired of static Liu Qi you, it is time to change of shape, and quickly come to try it a popular retro oblique bangs shape it!

Japan's human hair weave Design has always been the fashion in Asia, and has also been curls island girls favorite cheap human hair lace front wigs. Swept the world to join the United States CHB curls artifact recently Japan's top human hair wig salon Dreamstudio bring thousands of Japanese fashion feast female beauty, the magical effect of so many Japanese women curls address him by surprise. As the world leader in beauty salons and Hollywood star Queen brand, CHB curls artifact in Japan set off the hair heat. In Dreamstudio chief hair designer Nakamuurajun hand, CHB curls artifact like a magic wand, like magic, not only shorten the time and curly cheap human hair wigs is also quite good. Many customers are come with a learning attitude, one of whom Ms. Amy said he had a CHB curls artifact, but I did not expect in a more perfect professional hair stylist hands CHB curls artifact will become. Nakamuurajun also said CHB curls artifact is a highly intelligent technology products, if and professional curly human hair extensions designers combine, then you can do some unbelievable results. The CHB curls artifact and Japan's top hand in cheap human hair extensions salon also indicates CHB curls artifact upcoming Asian professional hairdressing field layout.

"0-300 legendary" Master Course ----- hairstylist regular customers a legendary performance multiplier secrets course, a hairstylist have so many common experience this legendary course, continue with a look at the pull-International Beauty Education Learning Centre by Mr. Hilbert HiT Hou Bo Wang Yang Wu, managing director of the Lyceum personally play later. The secret nowadays retain customers is technology? Design philosophy is it? Your guests constantly drain it? You want to have 300 high-quality regular customers it? You expect your guests' consumption salon life is 20 years it? With a such a practical problem, Hilbert teachers from thirty years of hairdressing career, combined with experience of experience, the true story written with blood so that every student common experience to guests from 0 to 300 of their own a regular customer of this legend. More exciting aspects of technical courses enable students to gain more surprises, Hilbert teacher brought three commercial hairstyle trends make us a taste of the craft masters, understand a higher technical essence. With sentiment, enlightenment. . . Take your passion and make performance fly!

Early spring 2014 hairstyle trends more dazzling new image will be a lot of girls believe that only with a gentle sense of design sense and quite fascinated by the girls with short curly human hair extensions. Qinglong side points in the ear hair, seemed so elegant and beautiful, I believe can make you become the focus in the crowd! Small broken long bob medium length bob looks soft, for the first time the girls cheap human hair wigs cut short, soft small pieces cut it, Ears small cover half the length of the cheek, with thick bangs cover the wide forehead, exposing the palm face, very jianling level is not very strong sense of a fashion wave head. Gorgeous golden curls bob hair looks very beautiful, slightly curled waves to create a fluffy, fashionable and stylish. Golden curls and natural integration, easy to create a blonde, looks very attractive. Coupled with classic retro red lips, you can become very attractive Hollywood actress Oh! Three-dimensional fashion bob up and down in different color hair highlights the three-dimensional, giving a very stylish feel. In silver-based, low ground, only to set off the skin more white human hair wig, and looks like a human hair wig has been for some time, very natural real human hair wigs.